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Travis White Newport Beach Realtor Discusses the Benefits of Buying a Vacation Beach House

How a Vacation Beach House Can Be a Great Investment, Travis White, a Newport Beach Realtor Explains

Newport Beach, California is a popular location to both live and vacation. There are stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, excitement along the pier, and more to offer those in the area. Buying a vacation beach house in Newport Beach can be beneficial for a number of reasons, explains Travis White, a Newport Beach realtor.

Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor, explains that there are various opportunities for those who want to invest in southern California real estate. As homes become available throughout Newport Beach, there is the opportunity to flip them, rent them, and even turn them into rental properties.

Airbnb, for example, has become a popular website for people to use when searching for a vacation beach house. Anyone who chooses to invest in a home along Newport Beach can choose to list it on the site. Then, as Travis White Newport Beach realtor explains, it can be an ongoing investment.

Even those who simply want to have a vacation home to visit periodically will find that Newport Beach is a highly desirable area. Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor explains that the coastal city of Newport Beach has a harbor filled with boats. People may have their own boats that they wish to keep in the harbor or they can rent them in order to enjoy time on the water.

Travis White Newport Beach Realtor also explains that having a vacation beach house provides access to many of the ways to stay entertained. This includes both the Newport Beach Pier and the Balboa Per. Families and adults alike will also enjoy the Balboa Fun Zone, an amusement park that features a Ferris wheel.

Additionally, a vacation beach house makes it easy to enjoy the sand and surf at any given time. Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor explains that many of the beach houses on the market are located directly on private beaches. This ensures that there are amazing views and quick access.

Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor explains that one of the main reasons why Newport Beach continues to be a good investment is because of the location. Homes are highly sought after in this area in order to enjoy the ocean view. All real estate continues to climb throughout California, Southern California home prices remain relatively even.

Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor has been involved in the real estate market throughout Southern California for many years. He spends his time between Newport and Lake Tahoe. As such, many real estate clients find that he is knowledgeable about the area. He has also been successful with beach rental properties. He can provide tips for how a property can be used to provide a vacation getaway as well as a sound investment year after year.

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